With an extremely experienced and knowledgeable team, Morrison & Associates can assist you in all aspects of Trust planning, set up and management.  Our specialist trust advice and services will guarantee regulatory and tax compliance and ensure it is professionally and personally tailored from the start.

Trusts have an important role in many business structures or when structuring your personal assets. Whether you are a business owner or an individual who wants to effectively manage their personal assets, Morrison and Associates will advise you whether a Trust is right for you. You benefit from our Trust expertise by avoiding common pitfalls, taking early advice and ensuring you are compliant with your ongoing Trust administration.

We provide a range of tailored Trust administration services such as Annual Review and maintenance of Trust records. We work closely with Trust lawyers and provide a range of services related to trusts and tax advice as well.

Amongst many others, we deal with the following:

• Investment trusts
• Living trusts
• Asset protection trust
• Special needs trust
• Business trusts
• Family trusts
• Charitable trusts

We offer a fixed price service plan to suit Trustees.

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